We are very proud of each of our young gymnasts and every year we host an annual prize-giving concert, where our young gymnasts can show their off their new skills to their family and friends. We usually start with a themed dance followed by skills and cardio activities, then onto apparatus ending with the much-anticipated prize giving the ad awards.

There are 5 Kidi-Gym certificates to achieve, and gymnasts are evaluated according to their own individual abilities.
– Each certificate’s degree of difficulty progresses:
– Kidi-Gym 1 and 2: Rosette
– Kidi-Gym 3: Bronze medal
– Kidi-Gym 4: Silver medal
– Kidi-Gym 5: Gold medal
– Evaluation takes place during the year.

By June they will receive a report on their gross motor development and at the end of the year on gymnastics elements.



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